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Anonymous asked: Do you have any pictures of Once we were kings? Or the final scene with Billy and michael? I adore your blog so much

Thank you for the compliment! I’m both surprised and delighted that people still enjoy this blog and I must get back in the habit of posting regularly.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the two boys together. I even looked through all my souvenir programs and can’t find any! I thought for sure there would be at least one in one of those big foldout collages but no such luck :( I’ll search around for you!


Forgot to mention that any pictures of “Once We Were Kings” can be found in the scene’s tag and I can upload a few more as well.

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Anonymous asked: Is Grandma and Mrs Wilkinson in he Oslo production played by a male?

Mrs. Wilkinson is played by Hilde Lyrån and Grandma by Janny Hoff Brekke, both of whom I believe are female based on the biographies I found online. I can understand where the confusion may come from if looking at the stage photos as the Oslo production has gone with a more stark and dramatic look than previous productions and the effect can begin to resemble Drag in some cases.

I’ll post an image of the cast outside of costume and makeup in a minute for comparison’s sake.

I hope no one takes offense to this question or my answer. I believe it was asked without any kind of malicious intent and I tried to answer conscientiously, but if my language was insensitive toward any trans issues I apologize and will gladly be corrected.

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Anonymous asked: What's your favourite thing about Billy Elliot?

You don’t know how long I’ve tried to come up with an answer for this ask! (actually, I guess you do. It’s from the time you sent it until right now) There are just too many answers. I love that it employs such a wide age range for actors; I love the music; I love the dancing; I love the lighting; I love the set design; etc.

If I had to boil it down to just one thing and pick it, I think I would say the story. Billy’s story is beautiful and I think we can all agree that it is the heart of the show, but there are so many other characters whose arcs are incredibly meaningful.

As a teacher, I connect with Mrs. Wilkinson. I have been in similar situations where I’ve gotten frustrated with my work and had someone or something come along and inspire me again. I took a friend to see the show who had recently lost her mother and “The Letter” became her favorite song. Another friend has family who’ve worked as miners and she connected to their struggle. Jackie learning to accept his son; Michael expressing himself; Tony’s union ideals. There are just so many individually powerful stories which weave together to make one beautiful one.

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Anonymous asked: do you think billy elliot ever has a chance of reviving on broadway?

First thing’s first: I’m giddy at receiving my first Anonymous Ask. Thanks for dropping by and making me feel like a real blog!

Second thing’s second: I have quite a few messages here in my inbox that I never received alerts for so if you messaged me at some point and I didn’t respond I truly apologize.

And the actual answer: I sadly don’t see a revival as being too likely in the near future. While the show was very well received I’m not sure it left the kind of mark that would cause audiences and producers to clamor for another production. If something happens to spark new interest in it, however, like some kind of strike/labor dispute that would make it relevant again or perhaps a movie version to generate buzz or maybe even just a significant anniversary of the West End production (which will, God willing, still run for years to come). I could see something like that being cause for a revival.

I think a lot of the reason it closed was because the show spread itself veeerrry thin in America. With three productions running at once the show could barely support itself and I think the producers made a bad decision with opening the Second National Tour. Not only was the market saturated but it was challenging enough for the Broadway production to find enough kids to handle the show, so suddenly tripling the amount needed was a little insane.

TL;DR: I don’t see a revival in the current climate but any number of events could inspire one. Here’s hoping! :)

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Billy Elliot Live Cinema Broadcast: Sunday September 28, 2014

I was in the actual theatre for this performance today and it was SO WONDERFUL. Stephen Daldry came on stage to introduce it :)

Congratulations! Can’t wait til the US finally gets to see it.